De-Stressing the Somatic System | A short meditation

via Embodied Philosophy


Sometimes when we – or a client – is experiencing stress or internal dysregulation, we can help the nervous system reregulate by using kind and thoughtful touch.

Touch can be a positive nurturing resource for us. Touch can restore our sense of safety and being.

When we touch our eyes, with tenderness, care, and positive intention, we become more balanced and able to regulate our own nervous system.

Because so much of our outward hypervigilance is connected with our visual scanning system, cupping the eyes, in particular, helps us regain a sense of our own connection with our inner experience.

If we have been spending a lot of energy moving outward with our attentional focus and thoughts, it is important to allow ourselves a moment to recalibrate and be in touch with our inner world as well -- and to know that it is safe enough for us to simply be with ourselves in this moment, too.

Cupping the eyes helps us restore our inner sense of balance, reset our nervous system, and recalibrate to our inner experience.

This meditation is provided by Albert Wong, PhD, the Director of Somatic Psychology of John F Kennedy University and founder of the educational platform, Somatopia ( He maintains a private counseling and consulting practice centered around somatic psychotherapy ( 

Below is the short meditation by Dr. Albert Wong. I practiced it on my own and loved the feeling it gave me- which led to me sharing it with you. This has inspired me to dive a bit deeper in the human nervous system to offer that knowledge to my own practice and teachings.