B.S. Social Work & Psychology | E-RYT 200 | RYT 500 | Anusara Certified


Samantha is a full-time yoga instructor based in Los Angeles with an academic background in Behavioral Science, 8+ years of teaching, and 15+ years of studentship in the yoga practice. She graduated from Mount St. Mary's University with a degree in Social Work & Psychology.  Her first certification was obtained in 2010 in a combined indoor cycling + Yoga for Athletes intensive teacher training.  She continued on to a 200hr Teacher Training and Anusara Style of Hatha Yoga Immersion with Keric Morinaga & Rachel Jackson in 2014 and completed her 300hr Advanced Teacher Training in the same style of yoga with Keric Morinaga in 2017.  In 2018, she reached full certification with Anusara!

Aside from teaching yoga classes, she teaches private yoga and creates specialized yoga based programming with and for students/groups of particular need. She has created and leads a specially designed yoga program for the route-setting team of the Southern California branch of Touchstone Climbing. Her private student base varies from sponsored athletes to non-athletes as well as those with an interest to tap into their practice for mental, emotional and spiritual reasons.

While she has practiced, taught & continues to enjoy different styles of yoga- she has dedicated her teaching, & most of her practice and studies to the Anusara style of Hatha yoga. She believes & sees her academic background, areas of particular study and work all applied & integrated into her teaching. She also continues to study individually as well as in workshops and formal courses matters of the mind, body, spirit, wellness, health, philosophy & sociology and beyond that of just the Anusara methodology and practice.

Asana (the physical discipline & practice of yoga) has been a part of Samantha's life since she was 15 years old.  Though she didn't really know at the time how it was guiding her or becoming a part of her, she found herself drawn to the way that it made her feel and continued to seek it in as many different ways as you can imagine.  You name it- YMCA, DVDs of all kind, 6 minute Bedside Yoga books from CVS, 24 hour fitness, to her eventual hunt for yoga studios that felt right (one of the hardest missions ever).  Her athletic background and a back "issue" (lower back disc herniation & a very strange, rare bone mutation) got her into the yoga room in the first place and were the initial drives for returning.  Her athletic background has included everything from swimming to volleyball to weight training to softball to road biking to obstacle race courses, half marathons to MMA to Olympic weight-lifting to rock climbing - through just about all of it since her first practice, yoga has continued to be the constant. 

In 2010 she began rock climbing. She was introduced to bouldering at local crag Stoney Point with a college friend, fell in love, and then found her way into the climbing gym and never stopped. Since then she has continued to boulder (ropes so far have yet to stick though she’s done it) and began teaching yoga to rock climbers at the Touchstone Climbing gyms in Southern California in 2013. Climbing and physical training geared toward climbing are her main athletic activities.  Yoga is now the foundation of much more than her athletic & physical balance.  It has woven and expanded into the very fabric of her life, becoming her personal foundation and center.  

Aside from being a passionate yogi and yoga teacher, she is also an adventurer at heart, in love with the wild & infinitely beautiful world- hungry to explore (preferably barefoot and with as little light pollution possible) and be fully immersed with the different parts of Nature and culture every possible chance.  When she isn’t teaching or on her yoga mat, she travels often, rock climbs in & outdoors, backpacks, camps, sings, dances, makes music, and enjoys good company, good shows and good food + drink!  She began traveling when she was in her mother’s belly and continued to see the world with her parents through childhood and then on her own through her teenage years and on.

She intends to continue expanding how she weaves her passion for climbing, the outdoors, and exploring the world.

Since practicing Anusara yoga consistently and studying the practice deeply, she has found herself fully immersed-in and moved by the emphasis of community, the fully present teachings of spirituality drawn from ancient philosophy and the alignment based physical focus.  Living and breathing the philosophy and practice of yoga has been a constant, reliable source of guidance over the many years. The practice has evolved from being one that is solely on the mat and in her body to one that is present in all that she does & seen in everything around her. 

She hopes to share this philosophy and the joy, wonder, and amazement of life with all of her students so they may find the same joy within themselves and their outer world.


| om namah shivaya |