Practice for You

Specially designed material, movement, asana sequences and philosophical themes put together with care to serve your personal intentions best:

  • Begin or deepen your practice in a one-on-one setting

  • Practice + rehabilitate while catering to an injury

  • Learn practical tools and build personalized sequences for your needs and lifestyle

  • Have a personalized practice created for you to use when you’re out of town that you can always access on this website in a private, password-protected folder

  • Work yoga and its therapeutic benefits for body and mind into your fitness routine

  • Add bliss to a private event

  • Create a wellness ritual with a friend, partner, or group

  • Do yoga in the comfort and convenience of your own home

  • Add yoga to your professional environment through corporate/office practice

  • Explore + enrich your spirituality

  • Create or program a spiritual regiment to begin new practices to enhance your lifestyle

  • Plan a recalibration weekend for you + your partner

  • Deepen your relationship with your partner/spouse with private, guided sessions to practice elevating the consciousness of your partnership and awaken collaborative intention setting + manifesting

  • Dive into the practice of intention setting + activating those intentions

  • Move deeper into your inner-work of self-healing, self-love, & self-awareness

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Los Angeles + beyond

wherever you find yourself