Hollywood Boulders

Monday @ 7pm | BASICS (60 min.) 

Monday @ 8:15pm | All Levels (60 min.)

Monday @ 9:15pm | 15 min. Guided Meditation

Wednesday @ 7:15am | STRETCH (60 min.)

Thursday @ 5:30pm | Off The Wall: Yoga For Climbers (75 min.)

Off the Wall: Yoga for Climbers is a unique class that integrates the tools and wisdom of the yoga practice with key climbing inspired movements and integral exercises. Prepare to engage your entire body efficiently to get on the wall warm, awake, and strong. Consider it an hour long complete & thorough climbing warm-up. (also a great class for active recovery day, warming down, and as a light full-body exercise class)

Still Yoga

T | 12:30pm HOUR Yoga

Th | 12:30pm HOUR Yoga + (donation based) 15 min. Guided Meditation

Friday | 12:30pm HOUR Yoga

Wednesday @ 6:30pm | BASICS (60 min.)

Wednesday @7:45pm | Mixed Levels (90 min.)

Sunday @ 10:30am | All Levels (90 min.)



| I’m subbing! |

Tuesday, Sep 24th | 6pm Ashtanga (60 min) @ Hollywood Boulders

Friday, Sep 27th | 10:45am All Levels Anusara (90 min) @ Still Yoga

Friday, October 4th | 2:30pm Stretch + Roll (60 min) @ Hollywood Boulders

Friday, October 18th | 2:30pm Stretch + Roll (60 min) @ Hollywood Boulders



| I’m not teaching |

Sunday, Sep 22ndd

Sunday, Oct 13th

Wednesday, Oct 23rd - Monday, Nov 11th

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Sunday, Sep22nd 10:30am @ LA Boulders | KERIC

All yoga classes are Anusara Style

(all other non-strictly yoga classes incorporate tools & wisdom of the Anusara practice)

 Anusara is a style of Hatha yoga (hatha can be translated to mean the physical practice of yoga)


In every class you can expect:

  • a theme

  • a specially + creatively curated sequence to help us become more aware of ourselves, understand each pose, and continue to learn

  • a strong focus on alignment based on the *5 Universal Principles of Alignment*

  • guidance from the fundamentals into working up to peak and more advanced postures

  • an offer of different variations and modifications of poses

  • positivity

  • KULA (community)

  • LILA (play!/ divine play)